Great Lakes Retreat 2020 Family

Rigpa warmly welcomes children, teenagers and families to our annual retreat in the Great Lakes of NSW. Rigpa Yeshe offers a daily retreat programme for children and teenagers and a caring and supportive environment for families.

The Retreat 

The Retreat will start at 5pm on 13 January and conclude in the afternoon on 19 January 2019.

This will be a practice retreat with ample opportunity to deepen our understanding. With a practice focus on awareness and non-distraction, together we will explore precious pith instructions of our lineage that authentically guide us on the path to revealing the potential of our true nature. 

The many meditation sessions will be enhanced by clarifications through a colourful program that features a variety of teachings on meditation given by Sogyal Rinpoche, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Mingyur Rinpoche, Khandro Rinpoche and Elizabeth Mattis Namgyal. There will also be plenty of opportunities to clarify your practice in small groups and in plenary sessions, if you so choose.

Coming together once again as a wonderful community of practitioners in the magnificent surroundings of the Great Lakes area will support us in creating the perfect environment for meditation to arise effortlessly. 

As someone said in their recent feedback: “This is the best way to become a potent force in holding Rigpa together and for the Dharma to become a potent force in our lives. This is the one thing we all want to do: to study and practice and actualize the dharma.”

The Dzogchen Mandala Extension

Although the Dzogchen Mandala Extension is a discrete event, we would ask all Dzogchen Mandala students to consider attending the full ten days of the Main Retreat and Extension. The Dzogchen Mandala Extension will start in the afternoon on 19 January and conclude in the afternoon on 23 January 2019. 

To attend the Dzogchen Mandala Extension, you must be a Dzogchen Mandala student. Further information will be provided to Dzogchen Mandala students by the Dzogchen Mandala Coordinator detailing commitments associated to attending the Extension.


If you have any questions you can contact 



January 11th, 2020 5:00 PM   through   January 18th, 2020 2:00 PM
Tuncurry Memorial Hall, 7 Point Rd
Tuncurry, NSW
Phone: +61 2 9037 4002
Event Fee(s)
Retreat Fees - Early Bird 1
Adult Full Retreat - Benefactor $ 950.00
Adult 7 Day Retreat - Standard $ 695.00
Adult 7 Day Retreat - Concession $ 495.00
Adult 7 Day Retreat - Under 26 years of age $ 150.00
Rigpé Yeshé Dharma Classes - Child/Teen Full Retreat $ 90.00
Rigpé Yeshé Dharma Classes - Child/Teen Full Retreat - Concession $ 70.00
Adult, Teen or Child Full Retreat Not Attending Teachings or Rigpé Yeshé classes $ 0.00
Adventure Care Program ADDITIONAL to Rigpé Yeshé Dharma Classes
Adventure Care - Standard $ 225.00
Adventure Care - Concession $ 129.00
Young Teen Social Program – ADDITIONAL to Rigpé Yeshé Dharma Classes
Young teen - Standard $ 165.00
Young teen - Concession $ 115.00
Adventure Care Program - Early Bird 1- ADDITIONAL to Rigpé Yeshé Dharma Classes
Child Full Retreat $ 325.00
Child Full Retreat - Concession $ 185.00
Young Teen Social Program – Early Bird 1- ADDITIONAL to Rigpé Yeshé Dharma Classes
Full Retreat $ 235.00
Full Retreat - Concession $ 135.00
Older Teen Program - Early Bird 1- ADDITIONAL to Rigpé Yeshé Dharma Classes/Retreat fee
Full Retreat $ 160.00
Full Retreat - Concession $ 110.00
Adult lunches *
12th Jan $ 17.50
13th Jan $ 17.50
14th Jan $ 17.50
15th Jan $ 17.50
16th Jan $ 17.50
17th Jan $ 17.50
18th Jan $ 17.50
Teenager lunches *
12th Jan $ 15.50
13th Jan $ 15.50
14th Jan $ 15.50
15th Jan $ 15.50
16th Jan $ 15.50
17th Jan $ 15.50
18th Jan $ 15.50
Child 5 and over lunches *
12th Jan $ 11.00
13th Jan $ 11.00
14th Jan $ 11.00
15th Jan $ 11.00
16th Jan $ 11.00
17th Jan $ 11.00
18th Jan $ 11.00
Child under 5 lunches *
12th Jan $ 0.00
13th Jan $ 0.00
14th Jan $ 0.00
15th Jan $ 0.00
16th Jan $ 0.00
17th Jan $ 0.00
18th Jan $ 0.00
Rigpè Yeshè Donation Amount
Student Assistance Fund Donation Amount