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A series of Saturday afternoons on the Ngöndro or preliminary practices for the Vajrayana Teachings, with Khenpo Tsering Tashi and some of Rigpa Australia’s most experienced practitioners.

Rigpa Australia warmly invites you to our 2021 Ngöndro program. Through this series of Saturday afternoons, with Khenpo Tsering Tashi and some of Rigpa Australia’s most experienced practitioners, we will introduce key elements of the Ngöndro and offer guided practices to help you familiarise and deepen your understanding of this powerful foundational Vajrayana practice.

27 Feb 4.00-9.00pm Overview Jan van der Breggen
27 Mar  1.00-4.30pm Blessing the Speach & Invoking the Lama Ane Chozom & Sue Bartholomaeus
22 May 1.00-5.30pm The Four Thoughts Khenpo Tsering Tashi
26 Jun 1.00-5.30pm Taking Refuge Catherine Paul
24 July 1.00-5.30pm Bodhichitta Khenpo Tsering Tashi
21 Aug 3.00-7.00pm Vajrasattva Ane Chozom
25 Sep 3 - 7.00pm Mandala Offering Ane Lhamo
23 Oct 1 - 5.30pm Guru Yoga Jan van der Breggan

You can attend either in-person at Rigpa’s National Centre in Newtown, Sydney (depending on COVID public health orders at the time) or online. 

All sessions are free for Rigpa subscribers. 
For non-subscribers the charge is $30 per session or $120 for the remaining five sessions. Open to non-Rigpa students.

Students should have completed 18 months or more of Buddhist studies and have a well- established meditation practice before starting regular Ngöndro practice. Anyone is welcome to attend the monthly sessions to learn about the Ngöndro before starting their own practice.

More about the Ngöndro

The purification practices known as the Ngöndro, have been skilfully designed to effect a comprehensive inner transformation. They involve the entire being – body, speech, and mind – and begin with a series of deep contemplations (known as the Four Thoughts) on:
•    the uniqueness of human life
•    the ever-presence of impermanence and death
•    the infallibility of the cause and effect of our actions
•    the vicious cycle of frustration and suffering that is samsara.

From this foundation, the Ngöndro is comprised of the specific practices of 
•    Taking refuge in the Buddha, the truth of his teaching, and the example of its practitioners
•    Compassion/Bodhichitta
•    Purification and healing/Vajrasattva
•    Developing universal generosity
•    Guru Yoga.

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche said:
When we take our first steps on the Path, we are not yet capable of helping others. To accomplish the good of others, we must first perfect ourselves, by purifying and transforming our minds. This is the aim of what we call the preliminary practices, which establish the foundations of all spiritual progress. You may feel like dispensing with these foundations in order to practice teachings that you think are more profound, but if you do so, you are building a palace on the surface of a frozen lake.


27th February, 2021 4:00 PM to 23rd October, 2021 9:00 PM
Event Fee(s)
Online via Zoom
All sessions A$120.00
24 Jul Bodhichitta A$30.00
21 Aug Vajrasattva A$30.00
25 Sept Mandala Offering A$30.00
23 Oct Guru Yoga A$30.00