Rigpa students from the Meditation, Ngondro or Dzogchen mandalas can rent this superb retreat environment for group or personal retreats at greatly reduced rates. You may rent a bed, a room or the whole house.

There are 5 bedrooms downstairs that can be configured for sharing or for use by one individual. The two big rooms on the South and North sides have split King beds that can be divided into 2 large singles, one room has a double bed and the other 2 have twin single beds. In total, with sharing, it can sleep 11 or 12 people.  

Rigpa students may stay at Blueys house at designated times outside of the peak holiday season, which is from October to February and the school holidays in April each year. The house is listed for holiday stays on Airbnb during the peak holiday season. See Airbnb listing here.

If you are a Rigpa student and would like to read more about using Blueys for retreat or to check availability and make a booking, please log in with your user id and password and then go to the Blueys Menu and select Blueys Availability.

If you have forgotten your password, you may request a new password by clicking on the words "Log in" and then clicking on the Change your password tab and following the directions.

For any questions about staying at Blueys, please email us at