We wish to advise you that our retreats are based on Tibetan Buddhist teachings and traditions and are not a substitute for psychotherapy, psychiatric treatment or medication of any kind. If you have a psychological, psychiatric, or medical condition, please talk to your physician or therapist before registering for the retreat. Although Rigpa has a duty of care to all students and specific policies and procedures that establish guidelines for safe conduct and care for vulnerable persons, Rigpa does not provide mental health care. In the event that, with your carer's permission, you do attend the retreat:

  • Please advise us directly of your psychological, psychiatric or medical situation by emailing retreats@rigpa.org.au.
  • If you take prescribed medication of any kind, please continue the medication as prescribed during the course of the retreat.
  • If you are travelling to Australia from overseas (particularly from countries where there is no reciprocal health care agreements) ensure you have appropriate travel and health insurances to cover unexpected costs while at retreat. Information regarding reciprocal health care agreements with Australia can be found at the servicesaustralia.gov.au website.

If you disregard this advice we regret that Rigpa cannot be held responsible. We reserve the right to ask those who are a danger to others or to themselves to leave retreat and seek professional help elsewhere.

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